Sell a painting at the auction of contemporary art Tetlers

Why sell on Tetlers?

Fast start

Publish an unlimited amount of artwork. Free registration, No extra charge or fee.

Personal portfolio

Tell about your merits, exhibitions, awards. Expose your best paintings. Share links on social networks.

Full automation

Create and edit arts at any time. Reports and transactions will be sent to your mail for each artwork sold.

Honest and reliable

Free account. No hidden fees. No commission! 24/7 support. Qualified artwork appraisal.

Create an account and start selling

Free registration

At the top of any page, click Sign Up

Create an account

Fill in personal information, upload your photo or logo, create a portfolio.

Take a picture of artwork

Take a good photo of your art that reflects the details and its best qualities.

Upload an artwork

We urge you to download as many artworks as you wish. No limit.

How does the auction of contemporary art work?

There are two ways to sell on Tetlers

Fix price

You put up an artwork for sale at a fixed price. The work does not participate in the auction, the price is final.


You put up an artwork for auction. Buyers can offer their price, both higher and lower. You decide which bet to accept.