Tetlers Auction house of contemporary art about the project

Tetlers Auction house of contemporary art

Auction of contemporary art

Tetlers bridges the gap between traditional art auctions and the online contemporary art market, making painting sales an easy-to-understand tool for beginners and well-known artists.
Our mission is to connect artists with art lovers who are looking for original artworks online.
We provide online auctions of works of contemporary art that have elements of a Dutch auction as well as non-auction sales at a fixed price.
Tetlers has artworks by artists in more than 60 categories and subcategories for every taste.

Competitive price and quality

Each auction listing contains comprehensive information about works of art, including up to 3 images and a detailed description of the work, to help you make your bid.
Unlike traditional art auctions, buyers make bids that may be higher or lower than the base price, but not lower than the reserved.
By making a bid to higher than the base, the buyer immediately becomes the winner of the auction and can pay for the work in full.

Opportunities for sellers

Any Internet user who has reached 18 years of age can be a seller of original works on Tetlers. Young and aspiring artists can be represented by their parents or teachers.
This is a unique opportunity for the younger generation of artists to showcase their work and join the global community of creators.
At Tetlers, an Artist can order a Certificate of Authenticity of his work, which is a confirmation of authorship of works. The Certificate of Authenticity issued by Tetlers is an official document of participation and is recognized in countries such as Canada, the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada and many others.

Evaluation Services

In addition to selling art through auction, Tetlers also provides professional valuation services with a Certificate of Authenticity. Famous artists, curators and art historians participate in the evaluations.


Despite the fact that the main Tetlers sales channel passes through an auction, our auction also offers the opportunity for Charities and organizations to organize charity auctions. Please contact us for more information if such a sale option would be of interest to you.

A unique opportunity for the buyer

Tetlers.com was born in response to the changing trend of the online art market over the past few years in services that were previously only available from traditional auctions.
At the same time, Tetlers offers a unique opportunity for the buyer to offer their price for a work of art that has no analogues online.